Vincero, through its parent company Ivrnet, provides several kinds of services to political candidates. These include:


Auto dialing is the term for having a computer make phone calls to play a recorded message to everyone who picks up their phone or to answering machines. It is also called “demon dialing,” “message blasting” and “voice broadcasting.”

Vincero offers two kinds of auto-dialed messages. One is a standard broadcast that plays a simple message. The other kind of call is an interactive call where those who answer are prompted to make selections using the telephone keypad or their own voice. It can be used to do a quick poll, to find supporters or to direct people to a call centre where they can talk to a human operator.

Our software knows the difference between a human voice and that of an answering machine, so we can easily play different messages for each, if the customer chooses.

We can also customize messages so they play slightly different information in different neighborhoods. In one recent election, we sent 22 different messages in a single riding, each specifically mentioning the polling station people could vote at.

Vincero can broadcast messages of virtually any reasonable length, but we typically recommend they be kept to less than a minute.

With all calls we make, our customers will receive a report detailing the number of people who answered live, the number of messages left on answering machines and the number of fax machines, no answers and lines not-in-service.

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Voter ID

With an interactive message, just like a standard auto-dial call, customers will get a report on how the calls were answered. But interactive message reports will also contain information on how each person answered the question put to them. This is extremely valuable for election candidates who need to find supporters and get them to the polling booths.

After the interactive call, you will receive four columns of information from Vincero – name, address, phone number and the key pressed in response to the question. We will normally sort the information according to the key pressed, not alphabetically, because that is usually the information candidates want most.

Smith, John
Petrie, Maureen
Milne, Robert
Harman, Brynn
Murani, Sahita
Espeseth, Maria
Sweet, Don and Lori
Cryer, Marika
215 Ravine Drive
260 Newport Road
1171 Appleyard Court
2212 Saltspring Ave
87 Wayward Way
2565 Falcon Place
421 Culzean Close
391 Leslie Lane
(212) 555-1212
(212) 666-1313
(212) 777-8989
(212) 888-4444
(212) 999-4455
(212) 333-6699
(212) 444-9191
(212) 222-1111

Usually, between a fifth and a quarter of live responses will result in a selection being made. Most will respond according to the choices given (one, two or three, for example) but some will push apparently random buttons like star, pound, or other numbers.

Typically, you will receive this report via e-mail the day after the call although in special circumstances it can be provided within an hour after the calls have stopped.

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Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

After you have identified those who plan to vote for you, you will need to get them to the polling stations on time. You will already have their names and phone numbers, so you can phone them on election day or the night before to remind them to vote.

The old-style method is to round up dozens of volunteers, give them stacks of phone numbers and get them to phone supporters non-stop on election day. For those who don’t have large campaign teams, or feel they could use those human resources more efficiently in other ways, a Vincero auto-dial message is definitely the way to go. You can send out a very short reminder to everyone to vote, while sending out your volunteers in cars to give people rides to the polling stations.

It’s a far better use of time and energy to have Vincero make the calls and most people will appreciate the reminder.

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Unified Messaging

Unified messaging is a unique and highly effective way to merge your phone, fax and message capabilities. It will not only save you time but will show you new ways to handle phone information you never thought possible.

Here’s how it works:

First, we give you a new local phone number. It will be the only phone number your campaign will need, because it will also be your campaign’s fax, cell and office number. You will put this number on all your campaign materials, such as brochures, business cards, websites and lawn signs.

Second, visit Vincero’s Unified Messaging web page to customize your service. You will need to make several choices:

  1. Pick the destination – You can pick any destination where you want the calls to be sent – your cell, home, office or direct to voice mail.
  2. Pick the time of day – Choose when you want the calls to be sent to which numbers. For example, you might want campaign calls to ring your office from 9 to noon, your cell from noon to 5 p.m., your home from 5-9 p.m. and go directly to voice mail after that. It’s all up to you.
  3. Pick the order of destinations in which you want a single call to ring (a technology we call Find Me-Follow Me) You can have a call ring your work first, then your cell, campaign office and then home before the caller is required to leave a voice message. That way, you can make sure every call is answered by a live person, if possible.

Even better: Faxes

You won’t need a fax machine to receive faxes anymore. If someone wants to send you a fax, you simply give them your UM number, the same number you give out for people to call you. Vincero’s unique UM software will detect an incoming fax before your phone rings, and will automatically send you an e-mail with the fax as a digital attachment. Simply double-click on it to open it, then save, forward or delete it.

Better yet: Messages

If someone does leave you a phone message, that too appears in your e-mail inbox as an attachment. Simply double-click on the attachment and you’ll hear a sound file of the message. Play it back as many times as you like, save it in a folder, or forward it to whomever you like, such as your campaign manager or a particular volunteer. If you prefer the old way of handling phone messages – by pressing numbers on your keypad – you can also do it that way, too. It’s entirely up to you.

Even better yet: Recording

Our Record-A-Call feature allows you to record any call you are on simply by pressing "1" key. To stop recording, press "3" key. The callers are notified that they are being recorded. The recording is then sent to your email inbox as a .wav file.

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Call Track

Call Track is a simple way to judge the effectiveness of your campaign advertising.

You will get a set of numbers, one for each medium – pamphlets, lawn signs, website, newspaper ads, billboards, etc.
Then, when the calls come in, we’ll know by the numbers they’re calling which ads are bringing in the most business.
With this information, you’ll be able to channel your financial and human resources towards the most effective methods of advertising during the crucial end stage of the campaign.
You will also find out everything you need about the call itself:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Duration
  • Originating number
  • Name and address of caller

With this data, you can find out which neighborhoods are most supportive of you, so you can further focus your energy.

Finally, our software allows callers to reach a live operator immediately, simply by pressing “0.” This way, a potential voter’s questions can be answered right away.

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Media advice

What do the media want?

At Vincero, that question is easy to answer because we have spent years on both sides of the note pad and camera.

David Heyman, our director of communications, spent 12 years as a reporter for small, medium and large media outlets, including more than 8 years as a reporter for the Calgary Herald, where he covered national and provincial politics, among other beats.

Our associates have dozens more years in media and public relations, and have worked on several election campaigns, too.
We know what the media want and we know how to get better-than-average coverage of you or your candidate.

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Communications consulting

When should you put out a press release? What should it say? Which is more effective, a website or a pamphlet drop?

Vincero’s staffers and associates know how to guide you through the confusing process of promoting your campaign to the public, and how to get the most positive coverage possible from the media.

We already design pamphlets, brochures, websites and other materials for a variety of companies, and we can do it for you, too.

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Vincero, through its parent company Ivrnet, can provide all kinds of website services to the aspiring politician, from the most basic static page to ones with state-of-the-art Flash memory and streaming video. For an extra fee we can also allow a website to accept donations through a Pay Pal account.

Platinum website $1,500

  • Design of website
  • Streaming video and sound files
  • pdf downloads
  • Multiple links
  • Flash memory
  • An ask-the-candidate form
  • 5 e-mail addresses
  • Accept donations via website

Gold website $1,000

  • Choose from one of three standard templates
  • Multiple links
  • Up to six pages
  • Three e-mail addresses
  • An ask-the-candidate form

Standard website $500

  • Standard template
  • One e-mail address
  • Two pages, including an ask-the-candidate form

Web hosting $400 for the duration of the campaign
Message consulting $250

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Confidential voting systems

Vincero’s parent company Ivrnet has solid experience in creating voting systems for a variety of organizations – political and corporate – that are 100 per cent secure.

Ivrnet supplies the technology which is then used by the most trusted accounting firms like KMPG and PricewaterhouseCoopers to run events like leadership contests, nomination votes and elections of boards of directors.

The reason the system is so secure is because it is supported by telephone systems, not the Internet. And the only people who know the access codes to vote are the voters themselves.

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